Telescoping Fruit Picker with 10ft Reach

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Telescoping Fruit Picker with 10ft Reach
collect faster – with less damage and waste
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11G12.18 Telescoping Fruit Picker with 10ft Reach

Available 08/15/2017


With up-to 10 ft. reach, there’s going to be very few places on a fruit tree that you cannot get to – even from the ground. The simple cutter above the collection bag operated by the hand grip at the bottom of the pole ensures that the cut-off fruit will drop safely into the bag, which is large enough to hold about 10 apples (for example). If you have a small orchard, this is a fine piece of gear.
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  • Must Have For Fruit Tree Owners

    Adam, 11/1/2016 I guess it would be better if it came w/instructions but I never gave it any thought until reading the other reviews. I didn't have the same problem w/the threads other than one of the nuts was hard to get started. Before getting this had been using an old one w/metal basket & hooks that just pull the fruit off. This is far superior tool & a breeze to use. Wish I had found & bought this years ago.
  • A Great Product with a Few Minor Quality Control Flaws.

    C E VOIGTSBERGER, 10/7/2016 First the bad news: I agree with Mike Sanderson, the threads on the bag wire are poorly chased. The hex nuts and wing nuts must be very carefully threaded on to the holder. Curing it is simple, a quick trip to your local, not megachain, hardware store will enable you to obtain a die that will turn new threads and you can purchase new hex and wing nuts. BUT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. This unit came without a word of instruction. Not to worry, if you can open your car door and start your car you should be able to put the bag on the pole. One word of caution. The bag goes on the side with the red spacer. If you try to put the bag on the side w/o the spacer (as I did) you won't be able to tighten the wing nuts and may bugger up the threads on the bag wire.The holes in the cutter head were not quite large enough for the threaded ends of the bag holder. Apparently the subcontractor for the bag holder didn't read the spec sheet or he was the extremely low bidder. It was a simple matter to run a drill bit through the holes to enlarge them just a mm or two. BUT ONE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO.

    Now the good news. This picker is great!!! I wish I had bought it years ago. I didn't really learn about it until I was watching Japanese TV program about older farmers in Japan and I saw an old woman picking persimmons with this picker. WOW!!! I told my wife I had to find one like it so I could pick our persimmon trees easier. The picker arrived this afternoon and I have already put it to work. It makes picking fruit a cinch. Much easier than that basket thingey that I had to pull the fruit off the tree and wreck a couple of branches in the process. If you have fruit trees and you don't have this picker, unless you have a professional crew come in you must have this picker. G.W. You need to jack up your supplier and improve product quality just a little bit
  • poor threads

    Mike Sanderson, 8/12/2016 The threads on the basket mounting wire are poorly done . While tightening I could feel that the threads were about to I stopped. Otherwise I'm pleased I'm not sure what I am going to do when these threads pull out.
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