12" Flat Silicone Straps

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12" Flat Silicone Straps
Much better than a bungee cord
You can never have enough of these
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These stretch straps are ideal for all outdoor recreation activities or chores. The Straps have evenly spaced eyelet holes that make secure loops or adjust length. The smooth teardrop hooks (these fit in the holes) will never damage anything. The silicone maintains its elasticity in the cold and can be used adjacent to hot surfaces with no damage, and is UV, oil and chemical resistant. Maximum stretch is to 24" and its surface friction maintains a solid hold on your gear even when wet. In fact, a pair makes an excellent emergency tourniquet, so consider them as additions to your first aid kit.

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  • Silicone Straps - Flexible Option

    Mike, 11/16/2014 I'd been looking for a lightweight means to attach items to the outside of my backpack. Bungee cords provided tension but were bulky and tended to be too long. Rope and line didn't hold well. These quality straps are flexible, provide good grip and their hole-and-hook design allows adjustment like a belt. Excellent product that answered the mail!
  • Very Handy

    Todd V, 10/29/2014 Used two of these to strap a dozen 3/4, 8 ft. dowels to a car luggage rack. 425 miles of interstate, two-lane, and mountain roads and they never budged. I'd rate them 5 if they were available in longer lengths."
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