12 in Combo Square

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Sale 12 in Combo Square
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Made in the USA
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67A02.04 12 in Combo Square

Available 03/07/2017

Regular Price: $39.95

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This is a rare opportunity to get a very good USA made combination square at a really good price. We have a limited number of precision squares that have slight cosmetic blemishes - the sort of blemishes that might occur in normal use. They do not affect the function and accuracy of the square. The 12" Combination Square is made in the USA and has a satin chrome finish machinist's 12" rule (the "blade") with 4R graduations - full length 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 inches. The base has the standard 90 degree and 45 degree miter angles, level vial, hardened scribe and reversible lock bolt. Accurate to 1/5000".

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