12 Pc. Metal/Diam Mini File Set

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12 Pc. Metal/Diam Mini File Set
Hardened steel or diamond surfaces to tackle wood, HSS, and carbide
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05R01.05 12 Pc. Metal/Diam Mini File Set

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Stored in a zippered cloth wallet, this set of twelve 6" long files (6 steel and 6 diamond) are each shaped differently: rod, flat, triangular, flat-pointed, half-round pointed, and square. The diamond option is particularly useful, and will cut TCT and solid carbide. China.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice Set

    Darryl, 3/13/2017 Nice haven't used it yet. But looks nice.
  • Awesome Little Files.

    Edward, 5/10/2016 I have been looking for a small set of files for sometime now. These little guys are awesome for getting in the little "nooks and crannies" of a project.
  • Great Little Set

    Edward Sierzenga, 10/8/2015 This is a great set at a great price. I have arthritis in my hands which makes it hard for me to both hold and use tools such as these but the soft nicely shaped handles make them very easy to use. Plus they work great and have a good case to keep the set together, clean and easy to bring to the job at hand. This is a great product and I am very happy I bought them.
  • My File Cabinet

    John, 8/8/2015 A real nice set of little files that will handle detailing any little project. All in one nice little zippered case. I recommend this to everyone for their tool kit.
  • Mini Files

    H Brummett, 1/2/2015 The product is as described. I would recommend it to other buyers.
  • Mini File Set

    Curt Budny, 6/24/2014 A nice set, easy to carry in your bag or brief case. I used it to sharpen several pairs of side cutters and the files worked well. I was able to get into tight places with them and the cutters worked much better after being sharpened.
  • Mini-Files

    Margaret G Phillips, 6/20/2014 Small size makes for better use in tight places. Files are different contours, which makes for better selection for the job.
  • Why not show SIZES!

    TKJ, 4/8/2014 It's so dumbo not to show the actual sizes of the files! This is crucial info, especially when used for filing guitar nut string slots! Without such info, the ad, for me, is useless. Were the sizes shown, in .000 inch sizes, they might be great .. but who can tell???
  • Mini Files

    Dianne Black-Nixon, 12/1/2013 These little files are perfect for the guy who does wood working as a hobby, and who also works to repair gliders and other stuff. He is always looking for just a perfect little file and these fit the bill.
  • Very Nice File Assortment

    John Saia, 4/4/2013 This assortment of small files is fantastic. They're just the right size for small work, hobby projects and the like. If you're lookin' for a file to do a particular job (flat, round, tri-side, etc.) you'll find it in this nicely packaged and handy kit.
  • Small Files For Close-Up Work

    Dale Payne, 2/24/2013 A nice little set-up. Just the correct size for many delicate and close in work. Not only different sizes, but different grades. Comes in a handy zippered wallet. Surprisingly good quality files.
  • Files

    Kirk, 2/17/2013 Excellent for spot sharpening tools.
  • Best Files I Have Found

    Tim, 1/21/2013 After looking for several years for a set of quality small files. These fit the requirements perfectly....
  • Nice File Set

    Alexei Churilov, 12/28/2011 Nice miniature file set in a convenient pouch.
    - Comfortable handles
    - Good variety of regular and diamond-impregnated files.
    - Portable pouch to keep it organized.
    One negative: the files are not easy to slide back under straps.
  • 12 Piece Mini-File Set

    Richard J. Crisafulli, 10/5/2011 I don't know why I haven't bought a set of these files before. I bought individual files at tool sales, but they were cheap and cumbersome to use without permanent handles, and they were 'throw-aways' usually after one use. My new set of Garrett-Wade mini-files have several advantages for me: they address a range of needs; they are well made with permanent handles; they store in a secure case; and I save money in the long run not having to buy individual cheap throw-aways, and driving all over trying to find a hardware store that carries the one I need.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2011 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Richard!!
  • Christmas

    Jane Sliger, 12/17/2010 This item was exactly what my father was wanting.
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