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19B01.09 18 pc. Pick-Probe Kit

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Along with its very nice wood handle with brass fittings, these 17 tiny files, picks, pushers, probes, hooks, tiny screwdrivers and a small telescoping magnetic pick-up that give you the ability so solve almost any tough positioning problem. You may not really need it for months but when you do, you'll be thankful for this little kit.
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Overall Rating
  • Great assortment of small tools in a neat little kit.

    Don, 4/23/2017 This is all I had hoped it would be. High quality and good selection of useful tools. I may not need any of them every day, but when I do need them, I have the confidence that I have the right tool for the job!
  • For Clocks and Much More

    Wayne Meginnes, 9/11/2016 I do clock restoration and repair as a side line in my retirement and I love this set. It's perfect for the intricate and detailed work I do. I'm sure it will be used on many other projects around the house too. My wife has the best habit of discovering tools like this that make my life easier.
  • 18pc Pick-probe set

    john asem, 6/11/2016 Nice I have already used it twice, I like the finger spinner on the wooden handle, make putting in small screws easier.
  • This is the pick set I would have designed for myself

    Julie C, 5/26/2016 Just about the best pick set I've ever seen.
    Comfortable wooden handle, all the different little tools you could possibly need. I love them!!

    WILLIAM, 4/11/2016 Just the sort of collection that comes in handy way more than one might think; and all in one quality package.
  • 18 Piece pick-probe set

    Bernie Kalmus, 3/4/2016 I really enjoy having all of the attachments in a single carry case. It makes it so convenient.
  • It Won't Clean Your Teeth, but...

    Mike Monnett, 3/4/2016 I bought the SS probe set on sale a year or so ago from GW, and I use those darn things for pretty much everything except dental hygiene. That's why, when I saw this pick-probe set, I scooped one up to put in my new Airstream. If you know anything about the lifestyle, you know that weight matters, so you want stuff that's really functional (multi-purpose), and when you have a problem it's usually when you're nowhere near a solution. This little kit has a whole lot of solutions in a small space. Versatile, well made, and really, really handy.
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