18 Very Small Clamps In Tube

Clearance 18 Very Small Clamps In Tube
Because you can never have too many clamps
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05R01.06 18 Very Small Clamps In Tube

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This is an old cliche in woodworking - and it's true, partly because having the right size is important and partly because, generally speaking, using more clamps is better than using fewer.

So when we saw this tube packed with 18 of these small Clamps (max opening 7/8") at a show; at this price, it's irresistible - less than .65 cents each. China.

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  • Can Use With 1 Hand

    Janet Davis, 5/9/2014 I was looking for small spring clamps for an art project. The first ones I bought (elsewhere) should have included a gorilla to open the clamps. These are what I had in mind...easy to open, but strong enough to hold what I am doing.
  • Just The Right Size.

    Martin Sorin, 1/19/2014 The little clamps are small enough to hold in tight places and there are enough of them to hold complex glue-ups.
  • Not Strong Enough

    George, 5/9/2013 These are okay for simply holding a part in place, but if you want any pressure for gluing, you won't want these. No real grip; they slip far too easily. Pieces shifted as I was working. Not bad, but not enough for my small-scale woodworking.
  • Just Right

    Tom, 3/31/2012 These little guys are just the right size AND just the right strength for all those little fix-it jobs around the house. They aren't too strong that they'll damage what you're gluing, or so weak that the pieces will slip. Once again, I had looked at these for quite a while and I have to ask myself 'Why did I wait so long before buying them?' Maybe I should just give up and have Garrett Wade send one of everything and be done with it... I have never regretted any purchase from them!
  • Modelling

    Tom, 12/9/2010 For the price and quality of the clamps they cannot be beat. For building model aircraft they have become one of the most reached for " items in my shop. Thanks!"
  • Little Wonders

    C. Tiep, 4/17/2010 I bought these little clamps on a whim, not expecting to much at this price. I am pleased to report that these little guys are great. Surprisingly strong for their size and more useful than I had anticipated. I have ordered 2 more packages.
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