19th Century Steam Driven Tractor
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We have been looking at these models for many years, wondering if they would appeal to our customers, who are certainly mechanically inclined and many of whom appreciate a retro culture in this age of driven speed and flash memory.

Beautifully designed, engineered and made in Germany. This is a fully working piece of machinery (11 long). It's fully steerable and will run so long as the fuel and water last in the boiler. The completed Model comes fully assembled and ready to run. The Kit (parts are shown in the photo) is assembled to be exactly like the finished model shown. Full instructions are provided, of course. Few non-metal parts are used. Aluminum, steel and copper are the primary materials. For a lover of mechanics, nothing comes better than these steam machines.One look says it all.

Each Model and Kit will come with one packet of 20 Fuel Tablets, and a small bottle of special internal "Steam Oil". Additional supplies are available. Note: The Tractor will run all the Accessories. All you need to do is disengage its wheel drive system.
Additional Air Shipping Surcharge applies to the Tractor Builder's Kit.
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