19th Century Steam Power Plant
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This is a fully working engine (power plant), using fuel pellets and special "steam oil" for the lubrication of internal moving parts - just like the Steam Tractor. (A light household oil (3-in-1 or equivalent) is used for exterior lubrication.)

Not just for children, these are equally cherished by adults. Although very safe, nonetheless we recommend that those under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult when the engines are running.

The chimney smokes just like the real thing and the double-acting cylinder moves the centrifugal governor and the flywheel during operation. This engine will drive all four accessories - perhaps most of them simultaneously.

This is a working piece of machinery. Few plastic parts are used. Aluminum, steel and copper are the primary materials used. It will run as long as the fuel and water last in the boiler. The completed Model comes fully assembled and ready to run. The Kit (some parts are shown in the photo) is assembled to be exactly like the finished model. Full instructions are provided. Each Model and Kit will come with one packet of 20 Fuel Tablets, and a small bottle of special internal "Steam Oil". Additional supplies and accessories are also available.

See below to see how the double-acting steam engine works.

(Picture also shows Workshop Combination Accessory)

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