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204 Piece Drill & Driver Set
$ 79.5
For those DIY’ers and professionals who can make use of a huge selection of metal and wood drills plus over 100 different drivers in one handy case, but who don’t need “absolutely everything,” this new set fills the bill perfectly.

The set contains TiN and black oxide twist, masonry, paddle (with and without extended shanks), and brad point drill bits; short and long 1/4 hex driver bits in Torx, slot, Phillips, Pozi-drive, hex and square drive; fractional socket drivers; hole saws, nail sets, stop collars and a hole sizer Our best guess is that from a practical standpoint, you effectively will have 85% of the completeness of our popular 333 Piece Set (05R03.05) for only 65% of the cost. That’s a good deal.

If you can use and afford the 333 Piece Set, by all means get it (Click Here to see it). If you are in doubt, here is a fine and effective alternative that is a good value.
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