230 Pc. Multiple-Copy Drills

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Sale 230 Pc. Multiple-Copy Drills
130° HSS split point tip design helps prevent bit "walking"
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07C01.02 230 Pc. Multiple-Copy Drills

Available 08/22/2017

Regular Price: $179.50

Special Price $157.50

For convenience and value, it's hard to beat this expansive set of premium titanium-nitride coated HSS drill bits. 27 sizes ranging from 3/64" to 1/2", in multiples of 5 to 10 of each size to reduce down time - if you break one, just grab a spare. 130° split point tip design helps prevent bit "walking". Steel storage case. A huge bang for your buck! Made exclusively for us.
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Overall Rating
  • 230 Pc. Multiple-Copy Drills

    James H Allen, 6/15/2017 Even though I have not used these , they appear to be of excellent quality. My judgement comes from the fact that I am a licensed tool maker with 50+ years of experience.

  • Great Quality

    Dennis Silvis, 1/21/2015 Great set at a great price. My only issue is that all the bits were mixed during shipping with small bits everywhere. Two were lost? A simple cure would be a corrugated sheet over bits forced in place by lid.
  • Good Value

    Michael Peterson, 6/8/2014 I really really do not like to spend money on clamps or drills mainly because they seem a bit over priced for their purpose. With that said, I found a great value in this purchase. Although yet unused, my inspection reviews a good quality drill set. In my humble opinion I really can't see where you could go wrong purchasing this item, especially over the long term.
  • Great Set

    Bill, 6/8/2014 Always good to have a replacement around when working up high. Especially with butter fingers.
  • Great Service

    Andrew Valentine, 5/25/2014 When the order arrived a few bits had fallen out of the case. I found all but three. I called the 800 number and within three days I received five bits. Thank You.
  • Bang for your Buck

    Robert Seddon, 6/26/2013 Very useful set of drills .. not the hardest HSS I have ever seen, and the TIN does wear off. but for the money you can NOT beat these drills. The bits do not have the usual tendency to walk all over the place, and they cut well.
  • For Wood Only

    Rich C, 7/16/2012 Quantity not quality. These are not good bits for anything other than wood. TiNi wore off after drilling 2 holes in 1/4 inch aluminum, another bit broke altogether.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear about your experience with the drill set. I hope you will return them for a full refund or replacement. We've used a few sets to drill into steel and not experienced the breakage. I wonder if you have some bad bits? Did you try a few different sizes? (We'd be happy to send you some replacements bits to try out.) I'm sure you know this but just to be thorough did you use lubricant when drilling and watch your drill press speed?  If you need a return label, please get in touch and we will send you one. Please let us know what you would like to do. We look forward to hearing from you. And again sorry for the trouble.
  • 230 Bit Set

    Bob, 5/31/2011 While I am pleased with the drills themselves, the case is poorly designed. The some of smallest drills are too long for their bin. 2 of mine were bent. The sizes are not in sequence but randomly spread a round so it takes some thought to get the right size drill.
  • In The Hole

    Norm, 3/7/2011 Great set, you should never run out of those most used sizes ++++=
  • Great Bits

    Walt Davis, 12/27/2010 Not so Case
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