24" Aluminum Beam Compass

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24" Aluminum Beam Compass
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79A03.01 24" Aluminum Beam Compass

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A common challenge for professionals and the ambitious home-craftsman is the need for drawing arcs and dividing circles larger than can be made by a regular hand compass. Our smart Beam Compass Kit consists of a rigid, lightweight aluminum beam 24 inches long, a pair of smooth sliding trammels that lock and unlock with knurled finger-bolts, and a pair of conically sharpened compass points that score like a scratch awl. The trammel will also hold a common pencil for drafting work, and there also is a wickedly sharp, double-bevel cutter included.

Replace one compass point with this blade and use it to cut clean arcs and circles in paper, card stock and door-skin. While it won't cut circles in thick wood, it will leave clear and precise scores for other cutting tools to follow - a real bonus, since prescoring the wood fibers will prevent tear out. And the cost is surprisingly modest.

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Overall Rating
  • 24" aluminum beam compass

    Dennis Palmer, 10/21/2017 Comes with 2 points, Pencil holder and cutter blade to make exact circles and easy to change. Great product.
  • Finally

    Lee, 2/5/2017 Been looking for something like this. Works great.
  • Apt

    Larry klappenbach, 1/31/2017 Great tool!! used it to transfer point to point distances. no doubt I will find many more uses for it.
  • Versatile and rugged Beam Compass

    Robert Jerman, 10/27/2016 Great beam compass as it is very sturdy and remains set where you set it. Most important to me was the inclusion of the double bevel cutting blade as this makes marking and cutting arched or tombstone raised panels much much easier. points come on and off easily and stay put once tightened...
  • Beam compass

    Mike, 7/25/2016 I bought it for my wife who is working on a large piece of art..works great..
  • 24" beam compass

    george shinners, 5/16/2016 Laying out model railroad track curves couldn't be any easier. Well designed and very versatile with compass points, pencil and cutter.
  • beam compass

    Paul, 3/3/2016 great product
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