42 Piece Color Coded Driver Set

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42 Piece Color Coded Driver Set
Well designed and very well made
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This compact 42 piece driver set makes a very handy accessory for any ratcheting driver. All 1/4" hex drivers securely lock in place by a spring-loaded retracting collar. The set includes: 5 slot, 5 Phillips, 5 Pozi-drive, 5 hex, 10 Torx and 10 Security Torx (not found in most sets), and a 1/4" socket adaptor. Sturdy rubber reinforced heavy gauge plastic case. Weighs 13 oz. We now also offer it together with our Special Finger Wrench - it's very very handy.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice Quality

    T Andrew, 3/3/2016 These sure come in handy for those odd jobs.
  • Bit Set

    Jon, 7/15/2015 This a very useful set. It is small and just about cover every bit.
  • Neat Setup

    Stanley, 1/18/2015 This is a neat little set for those close-in situations. And with the finger knob it can make quick work of the job. Fits well into the tool box as well.
  • Awesome

    Dave, 11/11/2014 Awesome set of often used bits. Thanks for sale price.
  • Color is Beautiful

    Elliott Gross, 2/28/2014 Adding color to sort driver sizes enhances selection. Saves time, eliminates trial and error and prevents a rise in my blood pressure.
  • Handy

    Scott Keller, 1/15/2014 Very useful and handy. Small packaging allows you to fit it inside a larger toolbox with your socket set.
  • Fantastic Set!

    W William Rapp, 2/25/2013 Outstanding set. This has every bit I need. Love the addition of the quick change bit. Organization is a piece of cake with the color coding. Thanks for the great product.
  • Set of Bits

    Kirk Kleist, 2/17/2013 Great set, handy.
  • About Time

    Kevin O'Shell, 12/30/2012 This is great. I like the fact that the extension locks the bits in place. About time somebody came up with that. I bought a second one for my father!
  • Complete Bit Set

    Mark Lang, 3/30/2012 This is a very nice driver bit set. It includes a wide selection of bits, not only straight, Philips, torx, and hex but also security torx and posidrive. All packaged in a compact case and color coded by type. The color coding is helpful because it is difficult to otherwise distinguish between some of them. It also includes an adapter that attaches to a drill and holds the bits with a positive-feeling spring mechanism. This should give me all the types of bits I expect to need in any normal situation. Note that the bits will fall out of their slots if the box is jarred enough, but they are easy to put back. Also some of the bits are duplicated to make up the set of 42. For example, there are 3 #2 Philips bits and posidrive bits and some other common ones are doubled up.
  • Fill Out Your Fastener Bit Arsenal

    Randall Robertson, 12/18/2010 I got this mainly for the security Torx and Torx bits my old bit set did not include. Probably the best part of the set is the displaying box with bit type and size clearly indicated at its slot. Don't shake it too hard and think all the bits will be in their places, but it won't take you long to get them all back where they belong and yourself back to work. Bit adapter has a nicely shaped and smooth grip", easy on those fingers when the job of torquing in fasteners is long."
  • Great Tool

    Winston Barnett, 12/17/2010 This is a very handy tool kit, color ID saves time looking of a certain size/driver. It should have been on Cool Tools""
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