5-Tine Hand Rake and Mini Hoe/2 Prong Grubber

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5-Tine Hand Rake and Mini Hoe/2 Prong Grubber
Terrific pair of close-work gardening tools
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69A01.29 5-Tine Hand Rake

Available 11/27/2017


54A03.05 Mini Hoe & 2-Prong Grubber

In stock


This pair of elegant tools are perfect for when you’re on the ground, moving dirt and plant matter around. The 5 Tine Hand Rake is made by a Dewit, a respected Dutch blacksmith company whose tools we offer in a wide range. Lightweight, well-shaped Ash handle and 5 very sharp Carbon Steel teeth. The Mini Hoe/2-Prong Grubber is a great 2-in-1 tool that excels at grabbing, digging, and spreading earth and other material. One side of the Carbon Steel head features a formidably solid hoe blade, while the grubber side has broad double-pronged teeth – both sides will cut through and move the tough stuff with ease. Handle is solid Ash.

Hand Rake: 13 ½” long, Handle 5 ½”, Teeth 2” long
Mini Hoe/Grubber: 18” long, Blade 4 x 4”
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