6 Pc. Drill/Saw Bit Set

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6 Pc. Drill/Saw Bit Set
Quick cutout in panel centers
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35N03.06 6 Pc. Drill/Saw Bit Set

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These have a special use for builders, as they permit quick cutout of an area in the middle of a panel (for installation of an electrical box, for example). Just plunge the drill tip into the board and begin to cut the slot, pushing the bit sideways. Always use the largest bit possible, as the stress is high during sideways cutting.

This set of six in a wood box includes five sizes plus a 1/2" countersink.
  • Bit sizes: 5/16" - 1/2"
  • Made in China.
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Overall Rating
  • "Be Prepaired" !

    Greg !, 5/30/2016 I bought this "in case I need it"- & I'll have it ! I think it'll come in handy- & at this price- it's better to be prepaired- than "waiting-waiting-waiting" !
  • Great Drill/Saw bit set

    Bubba Humphries, 5/30/2016 Great bit set! Had to wait a while as they were back ordered, but they were worth the weight. First time I have had a set of these.
  • Hobbies Wood Worker

    James, 3/4/2016 A great bit set, will do the job. Please; do not force small bits, but the larger bits are O.K. Do not force any tool, so it will last a long time.
  • Great Set

    Larry, 8/18/2015 All the sizes in one neat box! The price was "RIGHT" too ! Used it twice this week..!
  • Great Bits, Lousy Shipping

    David Tucker, 2/15/2015
  • Bits That Work

    David, 9/19/2014 Great drill bits for enlarging a hole and custom shaping the size you need. Very easy to use, and they stay sharp. I highly recommend.
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