A Much Better Whisk Broom & Dust Pan

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A Much Better Whisk Broom & Dust Pan
Highly functional & beautifully designed
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45A03.13 Better Whisk Broom

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45A03.14 Stylish Dust Pan

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45A03.33 Two Whisk Brooms

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45A03.34 Two Brooms & Dust Pan

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Who would have thought that a one-hand 12" rice-straw clean-up tool could evoke oohs and aahs. But if you have someone whom you really want to please with something unexpected, go no further. The Whisk Broom speaks for itself. The improved shape is clearly ergonomic, as it fits the normal movement of your arm and wrist. The 7-3/4" wide Dust Pan (we usually think of these as ugly plastic or black-stamped-steel things) is made of oiled beechwood and stainless steel, and is gorgeous. They're a lot of fun to work with.

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Overall Rating
  • Good little broom and dust pan.

    Joe M. Eldridge, 3/5/2016 Good for small areas and interesting boom design. Good so far.
  • Nice Looking but Flawed

    Lindsey, 1/18/2015 The black strip is made of two different materials and was coming apart on the corners when delivered. I am not convinced if I return it the next one wouldn't be the same. The connection between the two black materials is not strong, and the outer most component seems too fragile for its location (obviously...it has cracked apart before ever being used). Insult to injury, the strip appears to be an unnecessary design feature, thickening the lip when the steel was perfectly thin without it. The poor material selection in the strip makes this neither giftable nor a value equal to its not inconsiderable price. Remove the strip (which you can't) and you have a stylish pan.
  • Practical and Beautiful

    Lee Chase, 1/1/2015
  • Pan

    Mike Maroni, 1/8/2014 Nice looking dust pan. Price stickers were put on rubber edge and still can not get them off. That same rubber edge is a deterrent to sweeping up mess. Overall I like the way it looks hanging out in plain sight, and it is better than any walmart junk.
  • Most Excellent Review

    Wayne R Breitwieser, 8/28/2013 I purchased many things from Garrett Wade. I think it would save time if I was just sent 1 of everything from the catalog. Excellent quality. Lives up to the advertisement.
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