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Clearance Adjustable Torque Screwdriver
Never overstress a screw head again
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08G01.03 Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

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Hundreds of millions of screwdrivers are purchased every year, but none are quite like this fantastic new tool. A twist of the wrist sets the torque release anywhere from 2 to 36 inch/pounds of torque, increasing function and control and saving you from making damaging errors. Comes with 28 bit/drivers (slot, Phillips, Torx, and hex), plus a 1/4" socket adapter. Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Works perfectly

    Murph, 4/19/2016 Fantastic! Wish you kept more than one in stock at a time.
  • Ideal For My Purpose

    Gary, 9/25/2014 This torque screwdriver has shown itself to be ideal for my use on model airplane engines. Engine cases are cast aluminum and it is critical to tighten the head and backplate screws to a consistent torque value without the risk of stripping the case. This little gem does the job and at a great price. I added a set of metric hex bits since it only comes with SAE sizes.
  • Usefulness

    James, 7/13/2014 Most of us have battery powered screwdrivers that have different tork settings we can set for how tight we want the screw to tighten. The drills are heavy and sometimes bulky. This new adjustable torque screwdriver in perfect. It is light and comfortable to hold and use. Great for door hinges and just about anything you would use a hand screwdriver for. The other convenience is the variety of bits all in one place. With my old battery powered screwdriver I always had to look somewhere for the correct bit and usually misplaced the one I needed. This complete kit holds everything neatly and in place. I can't say enough on how convenient the complete package is. I highly recommend it.
  • Worth the Money

    Lee S., 9/27/2010 I use this screwdriver in my hobby of rebuilding old model airplane engines. I was surprised at how light the proper torque was for 2-56 and 3-48 screws was. I know it has saved me some stripped threads in old potmetal engines. Good selection of bits and an extension. Mine came with instructions that was easy to understand. Recommended!
  • Good

    Evan, 8/12/2010 Made in China. So far so good. I've used it once and it worked good. Only issue I had was no operational instructions and it took me a little while to figure out how to set the torque (Hold the tip and handle then turn the dial).
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