Advanced Borescope Inspection System

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Advanced Borescope Inspection System
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For mechanics, builders, or any DIY'er who needs to see inside really confined spaces, there is simply nothing like this - a truly useful tool that seems almost magical, and is also a heck of a lot of fun to use. It's like a combination periscope, telescope, and microscope. Use this inspection system to see behind or under heavy objects (like washing machines), or to look down drain pipes to find lost screws, tools, and jewelry. See inside wall cavities by drilling a tiny 3/8" diameter hole.

With the aid of the latest tech breakthroughs, this Upgraded Model 280 brings you even more features and improved performance. The standard 39" Probe is 25 thinner (9 mm), there are adjustable LEDs in the camera head to illuminate dark areas, you get a jack enabling video connection to any NTSC television, the hand held control has redesigned buttons enabling easier zoom imaging and easier 180° image flip, and (very important) you get much improved video display.
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The thin, highly flexible-obedient camera tipped 39-1/2" (1 meter) Probe has a video camera and 4 LED lamps at the tip. The LED's illuminate what you are looking at while the image is carried back to the 2-3/8" viewing screen. The image clarity is much improved, allowing you to view objects within a 60° field of view, from as close as 1" up to a full foot away. A 12 mm probe extension 79" (2 meter) long is available as an accessory.

For years, tools like this have been available to industry and engineering professionals, but only at very high cost. For mechanics, homeowners and ordinary folks like us, a quality Video Borescope at this cost is absolute brilliance.

The color viewing screen shows you in detail exactly what the camera at the end of the shaft is looking at. A 45° Mirror, a Magnetic Pickup, and a Pickup Hook and a Thread Protector are included. Sturdy case. 4 AA batteries included

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Overall Rating
  • As Good As Your Effort

    G. Martin York, 6/27/2014 The first time I used it I saved more then the cost if the unit. I installed cameras (both sides and back) in my motor home. The first thing was working out orientation. It took a little effort on my part, but well worth the effort. A few days later I found my wife's ring in the J" trap of the sink. Yes, I could have taken the sink apart, but using this camera and the included "hook" was so much cleaner and easier. I'm now thinking about hooking up fog lights on my car - just because it would be so easy with this aid. .... Take the time to learn the tool rather then complain, and you'll find it is a great help, and SO easy to use. Buy it and you'll be shocked at how often you use it. I got the extension and I'm glad I did. It fits into the case with everything else. "
  • I'm Loving It

    Ronald, 9/17/2013 Received the item in a timely manner. Don't know what I did without it before. Would definitely recommend.
  • Don't Get Your Hopes Up Too Much

    Andrew Brandt, 7/31/2013 I bought one of these borescopes with great expectations. And the tool itself is okay -- it's not the most robust-looking thing in the world, but it seems adequately made. But using it in real-world situations, you quickly learn that it's not the panacea you were hoping for. In the first place, imagine trying to maneuver a long, thin, flexible wand inside a cavity with a small entrance hole. It's not easy to get the business end where you want it. And second of all, you're trying to interpret the readout on a tiny, low-res, monochrome screen, in the absence of any real clues about your orientation. Sure, you might find the thing you're looking for, but localizing it relative to known geography is really, really hard. In short, the borescope can provide you with some information about what's in a cavity, but in a way that's maddeningly hard to act on.
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