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Clearance Adventure Kit
For the younger would-be explorer
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Just the basics – a simple compass, and a belt-clip multi-tool with a 2-1/4 long blackened blade, a small pair of pliers, a small parallel jaw adjustable wrench and three hex mounted (they slip into the body recess) screwdriver tips (slot and Phillips), the young explorer has all he needs to feel grown-up when joining his parents or guide on a trek. It’s an unexpected gift for sure. Recommended ages 8 through 12.

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  • Puts traditional multi-tools to shame

    Carol, 9/20/2016 My new go-to item in my cycling bag or camping pack. Even my purse. My dad is drooling over it. One will be in his Christmas stocking. The compass is not great. However, as a scout leader, an extra compass always comes in handy.
  • You need one more than you think

    Baron Rojo, 4/13/2016 This isn't the first of these multitools I've had. I always keep one in my pocket while helping Habitat for Humanity build houses. It's my backup tool; my holdout tool; it's what I go to when something needs to be done *now,* and I don't have time to go to a toolbox and rummage. So when I lost mine, I *HAD* to have a replacement.

    I didn't need the compass; I have better ones, but at Garrett Wade's pricing, it's practically free. And the set comes in a metal box with a plastic window that practically begs for repurposing.

    For giftgiving, this set can't be beat.
    Tip: Don't forget this tool and leave it at the jobsite. You'll never get it back.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Baron!!
  • Multi-Knife

    Jon, 5/12/2015 This is just what I wanted. A+++
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