All-Terrain English Garden Cart

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All-Terrain English Garden Cart
Stable 4-wheeled transport for tools and material
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25T04.03 All-Terrain English Garden Cart

Available 04/28/2017


Wheelbarrows typically carry dirt better than tools. However, the four big 8-1/2” diameter rubber wheels on this garden cart will roll easily over both rough and soft surfaces. The locking front wheels allow you to park on a slope. The frame is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum, and there’s a nicely sized detachable basket for gloves and smaller tools. The 25 included tool clips will hold shovels, rakes, etc., on the inside or outside of the cart.

Load up all your tools, bags of mulch, and whatever else you need to truck around, and the garden cart, not you, will do the heavy work. We suggest mounting the turning wheels on the front, but you can attach them in the rear if you wish.

A solid value of very high quality--we’re particularly excited to have found this. Ships to you flat-packed and is easy to assemble. 
Assembled dimensions: 38” tall, 24” wide, and 39” long.
Comes from England.
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