Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Sharpening Sticks
$ 0
Every shop should have a set of these so you can hone, grind, or adjust to fit any odd shaped cutter or other metal part. We are delighted to be able to offer the full set of 20 pieces at such a great price. We really like them a lot. They are naturally a bit brittle, so handle them with care. But if one breaks, you will find that the short pieces are usually every bit as useful as the full 6 length.

Offered also in a pack of two sets so that you can always have extras—or be able to loan them out to co-workers without worry.

Available in 4 different grits (180, 280, 400 & 800) for each of the 5 special shapes (5/16" triangular, 1/4" square, 1/4" round, 1/2" flat, and 7/16" half round). All are 6" long.
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