Angled Bristle Outdoor Patio Broom

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As tough, durable and long lasting as it gets
Named "Best Broom for Outside" in Real Simple magazine
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Named "Best Broom for Outside" in Real Simple magazine, October 2013.

Outdoor cleanup on cement, rock or ceramic surfaces is typically very hard on brooms - especially if the surfaces are covered with wet debris or stuck-on dried material. The cracks and spaces between individual pavers are a particular challenge. This specialty broom made in Europe has thick, tough palm bristles to maximally resist wear and tear and the bottom is shaped on a bias to match your natural sweeping motion - thus keeping an even pressure on all the bristles all the time when surface sweeping.

When working in spaces between pavers, you can turn the broom 90° and achieve maximum pressure on the leading edge. The working edge is 2" wide and 11" long and the bristles are 8" long. The wood handle is 56". The extra cost of a broom like this is rapidly repaid in working efficiency and long life. Air shipping is not available.

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  • Better This Time

    Linda, 3/25/2015 A company representative contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to try the broom again after the company sent a new broom. I agreed, and I was/am a believer. The handle really DOES keep the broom in place, and it is smooth! No more splinters for me. The bristles, for the most part, stay in the broom, and the broom sweeps my porch and other outdoor areas very effectively. I am grateful for the opportunity to re-review this product. There is a world of difference between the two products I received. Thank you, Customer Service!
  • Nearly Worthless

    Linda, 1/16/2015 I bought this broom based on Real Simple Magazine's declaration that it is the best outdoor broom." I strongly disagree! The handle gives me splinters, and it comes out of the holder. Bristles come out with every stroke, and today an entire CLUMP came out, still stapled together. It is worthless! Impossible to sweep my front porch, and I've tried numerous times. I thought perhaps it was an " operator error" issue, but my husband tried to use it and told me to throw it away. Don't waste your money!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Angled Broom. We're sorry to hear that you received, what we think, is a defective broom. A replacement is on its way to you. Again, our apologies."
  • Easily Reaching Into Corners

    CJ, 9/25/2014 Great broom! Perfect for easily reaching into corners and tight spaces.
  • Complete Junk

    Ted McGrew, 6/6/2014 Looked like a really good idea and I bought two of them. Took 4 months to get and when they finally arrived, each time you use them you will lose bristles. You have to also assemble the handle and I do not care how hard you screw the head into the handle, it will wobble. This is a complete piece of junk and should not be offered by Garrett Wade.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Angled Broom. After inspecting some of these brooms and hearing back from the maker, it appears that we received a small batch that had an issue with the bristles not being set deep enough into the wood.  As a result, this caused the bristles to easily fall out. This problem has now been resolved. We have sent you two replacement brooms, at no charge. These will come with the broom handles already assembled. There is no need to return the defective brooms. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • I Agree, Best Broom

    Betty, 5/8/2014 Outdoor cleanup is a breeze. The patio and sidewalk have never looked better. Love the angle feature, allows me to get into those hard to reach places.
  • Great Broom Arrived Half Unassembled

    Ms Margo, 1/10/2014
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