Angled Bristle Outdoor Patio Broom
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Named "Best Broom for Outside" in Real Simple magazine, October 2013.

Outdoor cleanup on cement, rock or ceramic surfaces is typically very hard on brooms - especially if the surfaces are covered with wet debris or stuck-on dried material. The cracks and spaces between individual pavers are a particular challenge. This specialty broom made in Europe has thick, tough palm bristles to maximally resist wear and tear and the bottom is shaped on a bias to match your natural sweeping motion - thus keeping an even pressure on all the bristles all the time when surface sweeping.

When working in spaces between pavers, you can turn the broom 90° and achieve maximum pressure on the leading edge. The working edge is 2" wide and 11" long and the bristles are 8" long. The wood handle is 56". The extra cost of a broom like this is rapidly repaid in working efficiency and long life. Air shipping is not available.
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