Antique English Four-Fold Wooden Rule

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Antique English Four-Fold Wooden Rule
With solid brass fittings
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02D12.01 24" 4-Fold English Antique Rule

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02D12.02 36" 4-Fold English Antique Rule

Available 11/10/2017


These are the genuine article - 50 to 80 years old. Each fold into four 6" sections. Every carpenter and builder carried a rule like this with him at all times - slipped in his pant's pocket. At that time they were the equivalent of the now familiar steel measuring tape.

The width varies as does the detail of the brass joints but the marking are all clear and you can put yours to immediate use if you are so disposed. In some cases they bear the stamp mark of the craftsman who owned them and used them in his everyday work. Any woodworker today would be thrilled to have one. They are part of the history of the craft. All our stock has been hand picked for quality.

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  • Beautiful and Funcitonal

    JCK, 3/24/2014 My 36 rule was exactly as advertised. It is both beautiful and functional."
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