Antique Mortise Gauge

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Antique Mortise Gauge
In working condition despite 100+ year age
Rich Patina Mahogany, Rosewood & Brass
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02D12.13 Antique Mortise Gauge

Available 05/31/2017


The classic English marking gauge features a single stem with an adjustable fence and is used to mark or scratch cut lines in joinery layout. A gauge with two spurs or pins – 1 fixed, 1 moving along the stem – that is used to mark out double-parallel lines is a Mortise Gauge. If the moving pin is adjustable with a screw, it’s a Screw Mortise Marking Gauge. The finest were traditionally made of ebony, rosewood or mahogany.

We have a limited quantity of fine Antique Mortise Marking Gauges made of solid rosewood or mahogany with inlaid brass inserts. The pin is adjusted by a solid brass thumbscrew; the fence locks with a set screw. Each tool exhibits a rich patina and enormous character, and with a little tune-up could be put right to work if you desire.

Every tool in our stock is unique, and though we will not be able to choose a particular model, you can be confident each is a fine and authentic Antique Mortise Gauge from the UK that has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and charm.
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