Articulating Cast Brass Wall Hooks

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Clearance Articulating Cast Brass Wall Hooks
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87A03.01 All-Brass Articulated Hook

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87A03.02 Brass/Ceramic Articulated Hooks

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Make room for holiday visitors with these articulated Brass Wall Hooks, which will accommodate extra coats while folding flat against the mounting plate when not in use. We offer here two types--one in all cast Brass with three articulated sections, including a top double hook; the other is a three hook version in cast Brass, with blue ceramic end caps to protect your garments from pulls or tears.

Note that the screw holes in the mounting plates are spaced perfectly to fit within the 1½ inch width of a standard wall stud--a nice touch that will provide extra stability.

Mounting plate dimensions: All Brass: 3 x 1½”; Ceramic Capped: 3¼” x 1⅝”.

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