Brass Marching Compass

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Brass Marching Compass
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18M02.01 Small Brass Marching Compass

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Small solid brass compasses are very hard to find. These are from India and made to a high standard. The brass stock is a relatively heavy gauge and well polished.

The Pocket Marching Compass is only 1-3/4" in diameter (and 1/2" thick). It's great to carry with you when on a walk. It is very good looking and make great gifts. We like them a lot.

Made in India.
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  • Good Compass, Good Price

    william dash, 4/13/2016 I recently got this compass. It is hefty for its size and appears to be well made. I think India manufactures some high quality metal items now. It looks like it points well to magnetic North, even around steel knives and tools on my body. It seems great, except it would be nice if they liquid dampened the needle to jump less quickly. This is a great company to deal with, with confidence. I was supposed to get a free knife, but it did not appear in the box.
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