Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Security Lights

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Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Security Lights
Strong, dependable illumination for outdoor areas
They’re rated at 40,000 hours of continuous use
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07S17.07 Small Outdoor Security Light

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07S17.08 Large Outdoor Security Light

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These rugged exterior lights, offered in two sizes with different levels of output, feature very bright, highly efficient LED bulbs behind a clear polycarbonate lens. They’re rated at 40,000 hours, which means they will perform continuously for approximately 4-½ years.

Large: 4,000 lumens/115 Volts; Dimensions: 10" L, 7"Diameter, 3-1/2" Thick
Small: 2,500 Lumens/115 Volts; Dimensions: 8 -1/4" L, 5-1/4 " Diameter, 2-3/4" Thick

A socket plug is not included, so you or your electrician will need to connect the wires (hot, neutral, and ground) to an existing power source.

Whether for dependable illumination for outside work or for security, exterior lights are one of those basic necessities that we often ignore. Mount one (or more) of these on your house, garage, shop, or barn, and know that it will keep working for a very long time.
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