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Italian Made Automatic Hose Reel
The beginning of a beautiful friendship
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The automatic hose reel is one of those tools with which people tend to have complicated relationships. If we're tired of the dirty heavy unwieldy hose that we've been dragging around and we're wanting to make a change, we can easily over-romanticize the experience of using an automatic hose reel and attribute to it capabilities only found in motor driven commercial systems with remote hose storage. Controlled feed and hands-free rewind are unrealistic expectations for a hose reel which has been designed for the home and one that requires a higher degree of interaction from the user (keeping the hose clean, "walking back" the hose during rewind). Unfortunately, such misguided expectations often lead to disappointment, though the reel performs exactly as designed. With all of this in mind, we found the extremely well engineered "Roto Roll" Automatic Hose Reel which we think just may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ground Shipping Only.

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RotoRoll Automatic Hose Reel: This latest generation Italian made automatic hose reel, with an exclusive block and rewind system, does not depend on water pressure to work properly, which sets it apart from other reels we've seen. The 5/8" cross-spiral screw of the traversing guide (larger than other models) provides noiseless, easy rewinding and flat, uniform coiling on the reel. Similar to an inertia reel seat belt in an automobile, the tracking system locks the mechanism if the hose is dropped or released too quickly, ensuring personal safety and eliminating uncontrolled rewind (the number one cause of malfunction in other reels). The anti-friction surface and non kink wall of the 65' 1/2" diameter 3 ply PVC hose (bursting pressure 445 psi, normal operation to 145 psi) ensures faultless rewind action with no jamming. Equipped with a rustproof wall bracket that swivels a full 180 degrees leaving the hose straight and unrestricted when pulled from any angle. UV stabilized glass fiber reinforced shockproof casing. 6' lead hose and Quick-connect fittings.

The Roto Roll Automatic Hose Reel is a significant up-grade from other hose reels that we've offered, with a price tag to match, but it is the finest we've seen, and closest to what we believe customers are looking for.

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Overall Rating
  • Reel One In

    Paul, 7/4/2015 Easy to install, and remove in the winter. Definitely the nicest reel I have purchased or used. The quick-change fittings work well with the solid brass fittings sold separately and on the French water nozzles.
  • Always Ready

    David, 9/13/2014 We have used this reel for over 2 years and it has always performed flawlessly. During the summer months this reel is used daily by different members of our household, at the end of each use the hose is coiled back for a neat and tidy appearance. Our first one has functioned so flawlessly we have purchased another to use in a second location.
  • Italian Hose Reel

    Frank, 8/30/2011 Reel out and in mechnism including alignment as hose is reeled in is excellent. It is a dream to use as related to these features, however, I am disappointed with the following two features: The hose locking mechanism to hold the hose at different lengths when hose is extracted is too difficult to activate and appears to be a poor design that can't be corrected. I was disappointed the hose fittings on both ends are plastic instead of brass but they do work perfectly just out of the box. Water driven hydro hose reels are good but don't compare with this but neither does the cost which makes it complexing as to why the stop mechanism fails so often while attempting to activate.
  • One Sturdy Italian

    Dennis Lauderdale, 8/25/2011 Wow!!! What an impressive hose reel!! Easy to install and even easier to use. Comes with complete instructions and so far...appears to be built to last. The rewind mechanism is stout and works like a charm.
  • Initial experience great

    Dan, 7/24/2011 The springwound rewind system is clearly the way to go if can't/don't want to coil up a hose manually. Works just like a window shade. (We tried a water-powered rewind system, and the idea is clever, but it is slow and breaks quickly if you have any grit in your water.) This particular reel is a pleasure to use: pulls out easily, retracts quickly, almost always automatically guides the hose into a neat tight spiral wind, light and slick hose is much easier to pull around the yard and garden than a standard rubber hose. Cautions: 1) the 1/2 inch lightweight hose is really a pleasure to handle, but it does restrict flow compared to a 5/8 standard hose. (You cannot install your own 5/8 hose.) 2) Like a window shade, it is hard to get the mechanism to catch when nearly all wound up. In our experience you can't just walk 10 feet away and yank on the hose to lock it in place. However, if you pull out about 20 ft onto the ground right in front of the reel, and then hold the hose close to the reel and give a quick pull, it catches and locks easily. 3)We have some gravel driveway and mulch areas near the reel. I always hold a rag lightly around the hose at as it reels in, which easily cleans debris off the slippery hose."
  • Exceeds expectations

    Fred, 1/10/2011 Have owned 6 different auto reel" hose reels--both spring action and water pressure power. This was the most expensive but also the very best-so far. The rewind mechanism works flawlessly (unless you yank too far out of unit, see below) Have owned it for 3+yrs in S Florida & no degradation visible due to sun exposure. But the best part--they have agreed to repair the auto wind for free after my gardener pulled the hose to far out and the unit would not retract. I consider this to be beyond expectations--and I admitted it was my fault!!! Would definitly purchase again."
  • A Sturdy Unit

    Igor Valentine, 8/2/2010 The unit arrived boxed within a box in excellent condition. The installation instructions were straight forward and the installation too less than 10 minutes to accomplish. The reel is very well engineered and worth the price I paid. It allows a long reach and is simple to reel back into itself. A good buy!!
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