Automatic Rewind Hose Reel

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Automatic Rewind Hose Reel
Built-in rewind keeps your yard shipshape
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07G02.01 Automatic Rewind Hose Reel

Available 05/11/2017


Tired of endlessly recoiling long garden hose sections? GarrettWade's Hose Reel is the solution. We looked at many models before selecting this one for its high quality and solid value. The strong swiveling bracket at the back attaches to any sturdy post or beam. Quick-release snap fittings are included, but adapters can be attached for more traditional screw-in fittings.

The Reel comes with a 6 ft input hose that attaches to a water outlet. The output hose is 65 ft long, and extends and locks at any intermediate distance. All hoses are standard USA garden hose: 1/2" diameter PVC mesh, with a working pressure of 90 lbs/sq inch and a burst pressure of 270 lbs/sq inch. Weight: 21 lbs. China. Additional air shipping charges apply.

Note: This item has been restricted from being shipped outside the U.S.
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Overall Rating
  • Happy With

    SR, 4/17/2010 I bought this last summer and have been very satisfied with it. I have had no problems with it and use it every day in the summer. I really like how it swivels from side to side.
  • I'm pleased.

    Julie Z., 4/7/2010 After reading the previous reviews, and the responses from Garrett Wade ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, I decided to give this a chance. For the money, this seems to be a fine retractable hose reel. I do take care to walk the hose back to the holder, and as it reels up into the holder, I run it through my hand slowly to knock off any debris that has accumulated on the damp hose, to keep from clogging the inner mechanism. With a little care, it should last as long as a normal hose. And since it usually gets into the 90's during the summer, it's a spectacular alternative to bending over a non-retractable hose and trying to work the kinks out of it before looping it onto a fixed holder. One additional word about the customer service at Garrett Wade....excellent. My order had a small discrepancy. All it took was a quick phone call to a friendly customer service rep and the problem was resolved immediately. Great service is a rarity these days that I look for in my retail outlets.
  • great idea

    JS, 9/29/2009 poorly executed

    Ronald Latour, 8/3/2009 We purchased one of these in Dec '08. As of today, we are removing it from our brick wall mounting and putting it in the trash. It's only been 7 mos in use and it's failed to operate properly for the 2nd and last time. The first time, I took it apart and fixed the hose which had run off of the winder. It took several hours to do this. Yesterday, there was a large amount of water that started shooting out of the reel without any water coming out of the hose. I guess the internal seal has somehow been broken or dislodged. Up until than, we had been tolerating the intermintent failure to lock and/or unrachet. We've had it! I can't find anything in the Owners Manual" regarding waranties so I guess it doesn't have a waranty. Don't buy it. Ron Latour

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Because of this bad review and some other anecdotal input, we met with the maker and also discussed this experience with other manufacturers of garden hose reels.Without exception, the advice was that a Reel at this cost needs to be rewound in a controlled manner. For example, the hose needs to “walked back” as it is rewinding, because it needs to lay flat and nested against the previous winding. Letting the Reel spring simply pull the hose in as fast as possible, may lead to damage to the Reel and/or it jamming in the case. More robust Reels can absorb rougher handling but their cost is likely to be 100 to 150% more. We'll continue to look for more robust ones. With that said we've also contacted Mr. Latour and given him a refund. We stand behind what we sell."
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