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Bag of 50 Dolly Peg Clothespins
$ 16.7
The traditional round, slotted one-piece clothespin (or storm peg, as called by the Shakers who invented it) is made all of wood with two long stems, or legs, that securely grip even heavy wet clothes on a line - a far stronger grip, in fact, than the modern spring-added refinement. The classic design is as functional and efficient today as when it first appeared sometime in the 1700s - a timeless "heirloom" technology. Called the "Dolly Peg" throughout the world (for the instinctive penchant of children to decorate the little pegs and transforming them into elaborately made-up finger puppets and toy soldiers) and used widely as raw material by imaginative craftsmen everywhere.

Our 5-1/4" birch Dolly Pegs are natural-finished birch from Germany. They come 50 pegs in a small tie-string cotton bag, and will last forever, unless, of course, your kids get a hold of them.
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