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Baseplate Navigation Compass
$ 27.5
The Baseplate Navigation Compass is an essential tool for safe and responsible hiking, camping, backpacking and exploring off the trail. Ours has a large see-through base, a liquid-filled capsule with an easy-read 2” dial graduated in 2° increments and a tungsten steel needle. It is the ideal tool to use for navigating with a topographic map.

Advanced features include orienting lines for alignment with map grid lines, several map scales including common inch and metric, luminous points for ease of use in low-light conditions, a magnifying lens, and most significantly, the ability to easily compensate for magnetic variation, which is the angle between magnetic North and grid North on the map (commonly called declination, this information is found in the map key). Our compass makes this critical adjustment easy. Simply set the variation on the dial and it’s automatically taken care of - with no need to remember to add or subtract East or West.

Map and compass are the indispensable twin tools of navigation over land. A topographic map is loaded with critical information about an area’s terrain including elevation, distance, natural and man-made features and vegetation. However, using a “topo map” for navigation requires the ability to orient the map to the land, and this is most reliably accomplished with a compass, with which location and direction is determined and bearings taken. And the easiest compass to use in tandem with a topo map is – by far, the Baseplate Compass. Ours comes with a nylon cord lanyard. Dimensions: 2-1/2” x 4”. Weight 1-1/4 oz.

For more on learning to use a compass and topographic map, as well as all manner of techniques and skills for surviving in the wild, we recommend the Essential Survival Skills Handbook (link to more info).
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