Beautiful Table-Top Oil Lamps

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Beautiful Table-Top Oil Lamps
Radiate charm and elegance, even unlit
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87A01.01 Large Brass Oil Table Lamp

In stock


87A01.02 Large (8-1/2") Brass & Copper Oil Lamp

Available 06/15/2016


87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)

In stock


87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8-1/2" Large Lamp

Available 06/15/2016


These beautiful lamps are exquisitely made by hand and burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. Either fuel is easily available locally. It frankly is rare to find these of this high quality and at such a reasonable cost.

These 8-1/2" high table lamps are available either in Solid Brass, or Solid Brass and Copper. (The design is exactly the same. The use of the metals is the only difference.) Which one appeals to you is simply a matter of personal aesthetics. Both are traditional and classic.

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  • Oil lamp

    Timothy, 3/6/2016 Received my new lamp and was amazed by the quality and craftsman ship as soon as I removed it from the box. Absolutely love it.
  • Overall not bad, but have to place something under it where I want it placed

    Done'it, 11/30/2015 CONS - base gets to hot for a painted surface or polished wood if used over 5 hours -
    PROS - looks good and burns a long time
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