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Beautiful Table-Top Oil Lamps

Radiate charm and elegance, even unlit
4.5  ( 5 Customer Reviews )
Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
87A01.01 Large Brass Oil Table Lamp
In Stock $59.95  
87A01.02 Large (8-1/2") Brass & Copper Oil Lamp
In Stock $74.50  
87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)
In Stock $4.95  
87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8-1/2" Large Lamp
Expected by 10/30/2015
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These beautiful lamps are exquisitely made by hand and burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. Either fuel is easily available locally. It frankly is rare to find these of this high quality and at such a reasonable cost.

These 8-1/2" high table lamps are available either in Solid Brass, or Solid Brass and Copper. (The design is exactly the same. The use of the metals is the only difference.) Which one appeals to you is simply a matter of personal aesthetics. Both are traditional and classic.

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4.5 
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5  - 
Beautiful Copper And Brass Lamps
Reviewed By:   (New York, New York) 
Beautiful Copper and solid brass lamps. Also come in all-brass and brass\stainless. I got the copper\brass as I found them most esthetically pleasing. Feel quite sturdy and I look forward to decades of use and enjoyment. These are miner-style lamps, without the flame suppressor screen inside (don't use for actual mining, but they're quite nice for use in your home). Come in two sizes (I got the larger). Produce a soft, warm light which burns for ages on minimal paraffin, if you keep the wick low and properly trimmed. Wicks are NOT adjustable when the lamp is closed (unlike my Feur Hand hurricane lamps), so test for a suitable burn before you close up, and keep in mind they burn a bit higher (and consume more paraffin) once it's heated up a bit. Once you get it to where you like just leave it there for future use. Top of lamps get quite hot after being lit awhile, so use an oven mitt or similar to disassemble in order to blow out if you haven't got the lungs to do it through the air holes at the top (I can get it 4 attempts out of 5 that way). For this treason I don't like using them as 'table-top' lamps, but would rather hang them. Just be aware and act accordingly; you'll be fine. Caveats: Included 'funnels' are rubbish; They look more like a tambourine bangle than a funnel, and leak terribly should you try to use them to fill the lamps (basically bowl-shaped with a hole at the bottom, and depend on gravity or perhaps happy thoughts alone to hold them in place and prevent leakage - It doesn't work). Don't use them, instead find a small funnel that inserts into the opening. In a pinch you could use a zip-lock with the corner just snipped off. would be nice if they included small conical funnels of an appropriate size instead. The packing used has what I consider a significant issue (plastic end-caps on the cardboard tubes are brittle and 2/3 of them had shattered into bits by the time they reached my home

4  - 
No Instructions
Reviewed By:   (Worcester, MA) 
Very nice lamp but where are the instructions ?

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Huber Heights, Ohio) 
Great product. Heavy duty build, very safe,and not smokey at all if you purchase the correct fuel. Thank You

5  - 
Welsh Miners Oil Lamp
Reviewed By:   (Loomis, California) 
Traditional well made, super heavy construction. Produces sufficient light. Upper chimney gets hot. Slightly smokey, even with minimum wick. Good alternative to candle when you lose electricity.

3  - 
Lantern comes with no instructions
Reviewed By:   (Albuqueruqe , NM) 
I purchased two of these lanterns. They look good but neither came with any instructions. I found some instructions online to learn how to use them. These lanterns do not give off much light and could be very dangerous if the wrong fuel is used in them. I suggest you use them only outside.

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
Our apologies for your not receiving instructions for the lamp. You should receive them shortly. Paraffin (kerosene, as it is known in the U.S.) is the only fuel that should be used in the lamp.

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