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Sale BioLite Portable Stove
Now comes with a FREE LED light -a $14.95 value
Burns any solid fuel available Plus charges your devices via USB
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63A01.02 BioLite Portable Stove

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63A01.05 BioLite Bundle

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First and foremost it's a portable stove that will burn twigs, dry grass, bark, pinecones, - virtually anything available at the moment. The fire is hot enough to boil a quart of water in less than 5 minutes under optimal conditions. Easy to light and easy to maintain.

Its technological flourish is the integral thermoelectric generator which uses heat from the cooking fire to power both its internal fan, which creates the forge-like results in the combustion chamber, and remarkably, also generates up to 2 watts of additional 5 volt power. You can therefore use its integral USB port to recharge a variety of devices: cell phones, MP3 players, GPS, cameras, eBooks, UV water purifiers - you get the idea.

Thanks to the forced draft for both the primary and secondary combustion air, the fire burns hot and clean, with little residual ash. It weighs only 33 oz and is only 8-1/2" high, 5" diameter when packed. A USB cable is provided for charging the BioLite's internal battery. When using it to charge other devices you simply use the USB cable that came with the device.

The BioLite Bundle listed above comes with the Biolite PLUS these two accessories: the KettlePot and the Portable Grill at a significant savings.

The maker is now providing a flexible LED light (shown) with a USB plug with every portable stove at no additional cost (a $14.95 value).

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  • Great job BioLite!

    Karl Aronson, 9/30/2016 I bought this stove thinking the fuel supply would always be available and my thoughts were correct. Anything that burns is fuel for this stove and it works perfectly! It is amazing how quickly it will bring water to a boil and you should be ready to stir soup to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Everything in this package has been designed and produced perfectly.
    BTW, Demonstrated it to a friend, she purchased one and it was just what they needed for this year's vacation camping in Maine.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Karl!!
  • The fuel is avilable everywhere

    Karl , 5/19/2016 Great stove, easy to start and use, been cooking dinner with it almost every night and it really excels!
  • Best Cooking Stove Ever

    Marisa Marquart, 12/25/2014 This stove has been wonderful for us to use in the unpredictable Western Michigan weather and has been not only easy to use by all of the family, but so very efficient at cooking and in providing some much needed warmth. I have recommended this to other camping families.
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