Guest Post: How to Store Your DIY Tools Properly Over the Winter

Note: This is a guest blog post from our friends over at Woodwork Boss. Want to contribute to our blog with a guest post of your own? E-mail us. How to Store Your DIY Tools Properly Over the Winter Alright, crafty ladies and gentleman. It's getting [...]

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How To Make Apple Cider

How To Make Apple Cider Autumn is apple harvesting season, and that means fresh squeezed apple cider. If you’ve been lucky enough to have some at an orchard or farmer’s market, you know it’s an unbeatable combination of fun process and delicious result. Recently, with the help of some young guests at our [...]

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General Tool Sharpening Tips

Whether you’re sharpening up a chisel, a knife, a plane or just looking on some background information about which sharpening stones to use, look no further. First of all, make sure that the tools you are [...]

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