Bloxygen Finish Saver

Bloxygen Finish Saver
Every Woodworker Who Uses Varnish or Oils Should Have This
Saves Money, Time and Waste
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19S05.01 Bloxygen Finish Saver

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Oxygen and moisture can thicken or skin over leftover finish. Bloxygen Finish Saver will keep your varnishes and oils from spoiling - period - no matter how long you store them. Composed of inert argon gas, the heavier-than-air Bloxygen vapors sink to the bottom of the can like a blanket and lie there, separating the oils from the air above.

Simply crack the can lid, insert the tip under the lid and spray in the Bloxygen for about 2 seconds (quarts) or 4 seconds (gallons). Close the lid and you are done. Each Bloxygen contains enough for about 150 seconds of protective gas flow. This is a real money-saver for anyone working with oil based finish. Disposing of finish in an environmentally responsible manner has become a part of our lives forever and Bloxygen is a big help on that score because it reduces the amount of hazardous waste you end up with. Recommended.

Argon is inert, non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. Made in the USA.

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  • Real money saver

    Dave in Virginia, 1/12/2011 I've used this product for the last five years or so and it haseasily saved five times its cost in the various finishing oils, top coat varnishes, and stains that I use. I'm retired and putter in a hobby shop (I call it my sandbox") so don't use large quantities of these various products. Since I started using BlOxygen I've never had a partial can of these products skim over and become unusable. Wish it didn't cost quite as much but it does repay itself. One point of info: a full can of this BlOxygen is so light that you would think it was empty, but it isn't. "
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