Brass 4X Magnifier

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Brass 4X Magnifier
Its protective case makes it excellent for field work
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18M01.05 Brass 4X Magnifier

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Keep it in your pocket when you go trekking (just rotate the lens out of the case and it's ready for use) or leave it on your desktop as a handsome paperweight to be instantly converted to a strong magnifier (seems to work best 4 to 6 away). Case 2" in diameter and the glass lens 1-1/2". Very nicely made. Very appealing.

Matches the Antiqued Brass Compass.

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  • Antigue Glass Magnifier

    Peter I., 8/3/2015 I like the glass lens and the brass protective cover. Feels solid and well build. I have looked long and hard and this was the best quality, especially for the price.
  • Looks like a rare antique

    John Hennessey, 1/1/2013 Useful, beautiful and very tough. Seems it will last a couple of lifetimes.
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