Brass Anchor Oil Lamp

Winter Sale Brass Anchor Oil Lamp
A classic piece of nautical equipment
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87A01.19 Brass Anchor Lamp

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87A01.32 Replacement Glass for Anchor Lamp

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This is a beautiful faithful reproduction of a piece of British naval history. A white light hung near the bow when at anchor was a standard way to signal that the ship was not moving - at anchor. 11" tall with a base 5-1/4" in diameter and a large closed hook at the top. The glass is a Fresnel type of design, which is used to distribute the light widely. The wick is 1/2" wide. Lamp oil (available locally) is recommended but kerosene works too. Very handsome.

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  • liked it until it didn't work anymore

    frankplank, 12/17/2015 We have enjoyed this lamp for several years but recently it has become oxygen starved. Can only believe it is a carbon build up in the chimney. Has anyone experienced this? How would you clean it as it does not come apart?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Brass Anchor Oil Lamp. Please give our technician a call at 1-800-221-2942. He will be able to answer this question for you.
  • Updating Prior Review

    Tom, 8/7/2015 With a little bit of help from the guys at Garrett Wade we discovered that the instruction sheet was not included in my box for either lantern. With a little light force the wick assembly does unscrew for easy oil fill. Great customer service.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for updating your review, and also for your wise suggestion. We have passed it along for consideration. We truly appreciate your following up! One thing that maybe you should post as a disclaimer in the directions, is that the burner handle on the bottom of the unit gets very hot as does the wick adjustment knob.  So turning off the lamp or adjusting the flame needs additional caution to not burn one or both sets of fingers in the process. And then you have to get it back into the lamp body to secure the burner.
  • Burner Needs Improvement

    Tom, 7/31/2015 I would agree with Tony that the burner needs improvement. My concern is that there is not a port or fill spout for lantern oil. Are we supposed to remove the wick and use a very small funnel to fill the oil reservoir? A larger threaded port would be a nice addition to the design. Otherwise, very nice lantern. Any advice on an attractive hanger would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Solid Little Lamp

    Drew, 6/23/2015 Beautiful reproduction, couldn't ask for nicer gift. Love the style on the glass.
  • Couldl Be Better

    Tony, 4/12/2015 I gave this lamp a 2" because the burner is flimsy and of very low quality. The lam itself is very nice but beware the burner. "
  • Almost a 5

    Dennis, 3/11/2014 I think ad should make clear, this lamp is not solid brass, but plated. When it arrived, some plating had chipped off. I did not want the hassle of sending it back since I will hang the defect against the wall.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Anchor Lamp. We can assure you that this item is solid brass. After our conversation, we tested the specific area you mentioned, and found that it was actually solder which “creeped” out from under the copper plate. Feel free to send the lamp back for another, and we will be happy to replace it for you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • A Classic

    John Nelson, 12/8/2013 The lamp was better than expected. Very well made, and not at all tinny. My only regret is that the size and attachment method for the burner unit is too small. Otherwise, I love it!
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