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Bestseller Brass Compasses
helps you appreciate traditional instrument design
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48B01.04 Marching Compass

Available 12/30/2016


48B01.05 Lensatic-Style Compass

Available 12/30/2016


Small beautiful solid brass compasses are very hard to find. These are made in India and to a high standard. The brass stock on both is well polished. The Pocket Marching Compass is only 1¾" in diameter (½" thick). It’s great to carry with you when on a walk.

The classic Brass Lensatic-Style Compass) is 3" in diameter, has physical built-in “sights” and an internal mirror to aid in reading the bearing or azimuth of a distant object directly off the compass card. Includes an inclinometer. When closed, an automatic internal lock protects the magnetic needle. It weighs 10oz and would be carried in your backpack.

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Overall Rating
  • Great item

    Grace McLeod, 11/14/2016 Very nice
  • 12” Pruning Saw with Wood Holster

    Kai Loo, 11/10/2016 This handy saw is what I was looking for a long time. I used this saw to prune tree branches all the time. I like it.
  • Brass Compasses

    Kai Loo, 11/10/2016 It is a small nice compass. I can fit it into my pocket when go hiking or going in the woods.
  • Marching Compass

    Maureen Mitchell, 11/3/2016 Bought for a stocking stuffer gift. Tried it around neighbood walk - seems accurate + it's shiny and will make a fun gift for my husband
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