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This is an exceptionally beautiful oil lamp. 11" high, with a base 5-1/4" in diameter and a large, brass-closed hook at the top. The glass in the lamp has a fresnel type of design, which is used to distribute light widely. The wick is 1/2" wide.

Lamp oil is recommended, but kerosene works well too. Made in India. The beauty of the lamp speaks for itself.

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  • Nautical Oil Lamp

    Joe Sellers, 12/12/2014 Excellent service from Garrett Wade. Package arrived sooner than expected. Extremely well packaged; double boxed with plenty of insulation. The lamp quality is VG+. Only minus is that the lamp was not totally assembled. Connecting rods between upper and lower metal assemblies were unscrewed and these parts and fasteners were lying loose in the packaging. 5 minutes of work and the lamp was 100%. Will order from them again.
  • I Fell In Love With This

    Rene Wimberley, 12/10/2014 I purchased this lamp for my Sister for Christmas, I wanted to see what it looked like before sent to her, so I had it sent to me first. I fell in love with this oil lamp! It is made high quality and it's beautiful, something that can be past on through generations. I told my husband that we need to get one for us and he agreed. My Sister is going to be so surprised and happy when she opens this gift!
  • You Lit Up My Life

    W D Lawrence, 12/12/2013 ...the beauty of the lamp speaks for itself." Not any more! I'd like to wade in, please. I ordered this lamp for our townhouse on Martha's Vineyard, since we tend to have nor'easters and often lose power. Expecting a somewhat less impressive version of the catalogue picture, my wife and I were delighted when we pulled this handsome lamp from the box! The brass and copper complement each other beautifully and the piece is set off by an ornate 'Fresnel lens' type glass that does, indeed, throw off a soft light that permeates the room. Lastly, the lamp is exceedingly sturdy and 'just heavy enough' to be easy to carry from one room to another but not be easily tippable. We could not be more pleased with this beautiful lamp and suspect it will be passed down as a family heirloom, lighting up our townhouse in many a nor'easter to come."
  • Awesome Lantern

    Ronnie Hollier, 8/16/2013 This lantern is an awesome piece. If you ever get stuck in a hurricane or really bad storm, you will be so glad you have one of these available.
  • Authentic Design Anchor Lamp

    Kent Bogle, 6/10/2013 I think Disappointed" must not have realized that the draft of fresh air comes from the bottom of the lamp so the wick will not burn at its brightest if the lamp is sitting on a flat surface, only when properly suspended as it would be on a boat at anchor. The lamp is beautiful, a gift from my children for Christmas, and will be quite an addition to my dream sailboat when I finally get my own. In the meantime, I will proudly use it (suspended) with my Schatz Royal Mariner ship's bell clock."
  • Disappointed

    Todd Merriman, 1/11/2013 This is a beautiful lamp. But if you want to actually use it, the lamp is impractical. For starters, the wick control is on the fuel pot, which must be removed from the bottom of the lamp to be adjusted. This means that a burning wick/fuel container can only be adjusted or snuffed out by lifting or suspending the lamp. This can be tricky, considering that the upper lamp housing can become quite hot. As for light output, I must disagree with the previous reviewer. We found the lamp to provide only modest light -- less than the votive candle we placed next to it. Finally, the glass quickly became sooty, further limiting light transmission. Cleaning it from the inside is not easily done. Sorry, but we are returning it.
  • Solid Brass Anchor Lamp

    Peter McGarvey, 1/1/2013 Excellent Anchor Brass Oil Lamp. Excellent for our vacation home on Cape Cod and our Nautical Theme and also perfect for power outages that often happen without warning. Made of solid Brass and actually gives off plenty of light as we tested in on New Years Eve 2012.
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