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Brass & Copper Table-Top Oil Lamps
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Brass & Copper Table-Top Oil Lamps

Classic Style Made All Its Own
Beautiful Even Unlit
Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Sale Price Order Qty
87A01.02 Large (8-1/2") Brass & Copper Oil Lamp
In Stock $74.50  
87A01.21 Medium (7") Brass & Copper Oil Lamp
In Stock $58.70 $52.40  
87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)
In Stock $4.95  
87A01.25 Brass Wall Mount for 8-1/2" Oil Lamp
In Stock $29.95  
87A01.35 Brass Wall Mount for 7" Oil Lamp
In Stock $24.50  
87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8-1/2" Large Lamp
Expected by 10/30/2015
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These beautiful lamps are exquisitely made by hand and burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. Either fuel is easily available locally. It frankly is rare to find these of this high quality and at such a reasonable cost.

These table lamps are available in Solid Brass and Copper (shown here), Solid Brass, and Brass and Stainless Steel. (The design is exactly the same. The use of the metals is the only difference.) Which one appeals to you is simply a matter of personal aesthetics. All are traditional and classic. These are full reproductions (including the green shipping tube) of the traditional, classic English design.

Solid Brass Wall Mounts are available for these lamps, sized to match the Large (8-1/2") and Medium (7") lamps.

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Overall Rating :4 
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3  - 
7 inch Lamp
Reviewed By:   (Reno , NV) 
An attractive well built copper and brass lamp. The base must be unscrewed from the lamp to fill the oil reservoir and service and light the wick which poses a problem in that the entire lamp becomes hot with use. The lit wick cannot be extinguished by a draft or by blowing it out unless you unscrew the hot reservoir/base. I just let mine burn all the oil out of the full reservoir. It took about four hours.

5  - 
VERY Well Made
Reviewed By:   (Port Orchard, Washington) 
I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this little lamp. The fit and finish are exceptional. The knurls on the wick holder are somewhat recessed to the eye but not enough to prevent easy extraction or less star rating. Love the solid feel and weight. One would be well advised to adjust the wick to where it is barely proud of it's keeper and trim any fuzz before first lighting. A timed test burn, while on vacation, shocked me when there was still an audible amount to slosh after an 18 hour burn! I was going to be happy with anything over 10 hours. A properly trimmed wick gives a very serviceable one inch flame, which grows to about one and a half inches once the font warms up in about an hour or so. This was with Klean-Heat brand fuel. It really keeps the kerosene smell out of the house.
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