Brass, Gimballed Marine Compass

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17C06.02 5 In. Gimballed Compass

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We've always felt that gimballed compasses have something magical about them, but whatever the source of their power, they make a wonderful centerpiece for a woodworking project for your desk, the den, or even your boat.

Now, the modest cost of these beautiful instruments makes them available to virtually all of us. Made of solid brass, with a white and black oil-damped magnetic compass.

The large 5" diameter Compass has a brass frame 7-5/8" wide and 3-3/4" deep, with 4 pivot points. Comes in a fitted wooden box - not badly made, but really just intended to be something to transport the Compass to you. The idea is that you make a beautiful box for it. A lovely present for any nautical buff - perhaps yourself. China.

The smaller 3" Compass shown on the right side of the image is no longer available.

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