Brass Miner's-Style Oil Lamps

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Brass Miner's-Style Oil Lamps
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87A01.43 8" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

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87A01.18 10" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

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87A01.26 Spare Wicks (10)

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In the 19th century, English coal miners carried safety lamps invented by Sir Humphrey Davy who had discovered that a flame enclosed by a fine wire mesh, which acts as a flame arrester, will not ignite gases outside the mesh.

These beautiful table lamps closely mimic that design. Beautifully made by hand, as usual they will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene (both available locally) equally well for hours before requiring a refill. Two sizes are available - 8" and 10" tall, identical except for size.

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Overall Rating
  • Brass Miner's Oil Lamps

    William Marsh, 11/25/2016 Awesome Lamp! The Quality is very nice and they have a nice weight to them as well! I saw no problem with how to fill, adjusting the wick and the proper fuel to use. If this is your first lamp ever, I guess one could say Duh, how do these things work. Simple instructions to me. Very good shipping Protection also!!
  • No instructions

    Eric Russell, 6/20/2016 I recieved the lamp today, it looks very nice. Unfortunately, it came with no liturature at all. I did not know what the small disk shapped item was until I looked it up (a funnel apparantly). The lamp says right on the bottom to only use paraffin, but this site says I can use lamp oil or kerosene. I do not know what I can use. Without instructions of any kind, it took awhile just to figure out how to put fuel in it.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Miner's Lamp. We are sorry to hear the instructions were not included. For further assistance, please call our technical department at 1-800-221-2942.
  • Beautiful Lamp

    Tom K, 5/10/2016 Very attractive lamps. A bit of a disconnect between the fuel information label on the lamp and that described in the technical information sheet included. Also the provided "funnel" (which is not described in the information sheet) is non-functional. I used a bar-b-q injector. As decorative pieces, they're beautiful. As functional lamps, they are a bit challenging, but do work.
  • Love the lamp!

    Austin, 4/11/2016 Great lamp, I have both the small and large and they both perform well.
  • Worth it

    Rick R, 4/24/2015 Looks good & Works Great - as advertised.
  • Very Nice Lamps

    Gary Picha, 12/31/2014 Nice lamps, functional, but mostly nostalgic. Hard to fill, but otherwise a very nice lamp.
  • Miners Lamp

    Robin, 1/19/2014 Burns well, looks great, but looks a little imported.
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