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Sale Brass & Stainless Steel Oil Lamps
A Fresh Take on a Traditional Design
A Beautiful Elegant Lamp
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87A01.15 Large (8-1/2") Brass/Stainless Steel Lamp

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Special Price $59.90

87A01.22 Medium (7") Brass & Stainless Oil Lamp

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Regular Price: $53.90

Special Price $45.95

87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)

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87A01.25 Brass Wall Mount for 8-1/2" Oil Lamp

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87A01.35 Brass Wall Mount for 7" Oil Lamp

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87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8-1/2" Large Lamp

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This beautiful lamp is exquisitely made by hand and burns either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed.(Either fuel is easily available locally.) It is frankly rare to find these of this high quality and at such a reasonable cost. These table lamps are available in Solid Brass, Brass and Copper or Brass and Stainless Steel (shown here). The design is exactly the same. The use of the metals is the only difference. Which one appeals to you is simply a matter of personal aesthetics. This is a full reproduction (including the green shipping tube) of the traditional, classic English design.

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Overall Rating
  • Brass lamps

    Frank, 11/27/2016 Beautiful lamp great craftsmanship for the price. Only one problem no instructions how to fill or adjust the wick, figured out how to light it a little bit of work
  • Incredible quality and very useful

    Fred Bellamy, 9/23/2016 The quality is definitely here. All the materials are thick and solid. The complaints are a bit silly. This is a lamp that burns real flame, it gets very hot and produces a lot of ambient heat (great heatsource during the cold months). You have to let it cool or use hand protection to refill after being used. The wick has a very specific length that it is designed for, so changing wick height is not something you need to do especially not when it is burning. I have used these twice in the last year for blackouts due to storms, the work great and help heat up my bedroom.

  • shiny new lantern

    Bruce, 6/27/2016 it arrived with a broken globe so I'm still waiting to use it. customer service is sending me a new one so a bright star in the future

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We apologize that the globe arrived broken, and would like to thank you for your comments about the Oil Lamp. We hope you will be very happy with it!

  • Beautiful

    John, 5/9/2016 Very well made. I have admired it in the catalog for some time and it does not disappoint.
  • Poor Functionality

    Scott Francisco, 9/17/2015 "Made in India" says the box but the packing tube says "Hand crafted in the Heart of Welsh Coal Fields" This lie sums up the product: All looks and no function. No reasonable way to light the thing, adjust the wick or fill the oil reservoir.
  • Beautiful Mounts For The Lamps With One Minor Problem.

    Owen, 5/3/2015 Beautiful brass mounts for the lamps, with one (fairly significant, to my thinking) issue - The screws included are nowhere near long enough to go through the mount, drywall, and bite sufficiently into the stud behind. That being said, it's actually a minor issue to resolve, because if you get a few brass screws each, and make sure you anchor into a stud they work beautifully, and compliment the lamps quite nicely.
  • Norman T. Sisk, 12/14/2014 Surprised at the quality of the product. Workmanship is excellent. Plan to order a second one soon.
  • Good Looks - Only

    Brian, 5/18/2014 They look beautiful, but there is no way of adjusting the wick without taking it apart and that requires a oven mit for sure. Also the little filler funnel won't stay in place so it is difficult to fill. It's not very functional, just pretty.
  • Beautiful Light

    Allen, 1/17/2013 I ordered two and could not be more pleased. They are beautiful and give an elegant light on the mantel. Would be perfect for camping or power outages. I used paraffin lamp oil as it does not smell (at all) even when burning. The lights last about 9 hours lit with a full tank of oil. This is a great gift with a sturdy and pretty box.
  • Oil Lamp

    Marjorie Bolyard, 1/1/2013 I ordered two of these as gifts and they are absolutely beautiful. Will order more.
  • Lamps

    David, 1/1/2013 I gave the lamps as gifts so cannot say how they work. I am disappointed that you do not sell lamp oil, however.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on this item. Your suggestion regarding carrying lamp oil is a good one and we will most certainly take it into consideration. Thanks, again!
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