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Brass Table Top Oil Lamps in Two Sizes
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Brass Table Top Oil Lamps in Two Sizes

Radiate charm and elegance even unlit
Set the mood with soft, warm light

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
87A01.04 Medium Brass Oil Table Lamp
In Stock $45.80  
87A01.01 Large Brass Oil Table Lamp
In Stock $59.95  
87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)
In Stock $4.95  
87A01.35 Brass Wall Mount for 7" Oil Lamp
In Stock $24.50  
87A01.25 Brass Wall Mount for 8-1/2" Oil Lamp
In Stock $29.95  
87A01.13 Replacement Glass for 7" Medium Lamp
In Stock $4.95  
87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8-1/2" Large Lamp
In Stock $4.95  
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A traditional, classic English design, both are exquisitely made by hand of Solid Brass and burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. (Either will be available locally.) It is, frankly, hard to find these of this high quality at such a reasonable cost.

The larger 8-1/2" high lamp is very, very popular but we have had so many requests for a slightly smaller version that a new size, 7" high, has now been made especially for Garrett Wade. Both are very handsome, and are identical except for overall size. Which one appeals to you will simply be a matter of personal taste and need. These are full reproductions (including the green shipping tube) of the traditional, classic English design.

Solid Brass Wall Mounts are available for these lamps, sized to match the Large (8-1/2") and Medium (7") lamps.

The lamps are also available in Solid Brass & Stainless Steel and in Solid Brass & Copper.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4 
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5  - 
Description of Lamp Design
Reviewed By:   (Tampa, FL) 
The lamps were designed to prevent coal mine gases from being ignited, by intent they are not readily opened to expose the flame. The extra durability and effort are part of the lamp, mining is hard, dangerous and abusive. The lamp can be easily opened while burning if the hook on the top is grasped and the based turned with your other hand. When first lighting the lamp make sure not to twist the base on too tightly. The wick should just be visible above the metal. With a little familiarity the lamp becomes like anything else and a joy to use. Extra wick will make the lamp burn too bright and hot. Then the oven mit is necessary. On the good side the lamp cannot be blown out by accident or wind. It will last a couple of centuries without change in appearance or functionality. Anything breaks and it can be repaired with minimal mechanical knowledge. If only everything we use were as reliable and functional as this design. The only difference between this lamp and the original Welsh lamps are the double screens inside the top part or hat. The screens prevented flames from burning explosive gases from exiting the lamp and blowing the mine. The flames were watched carefully by the miners to see if the color and intensity changed. Indicating coal gas was present. If you search oil lamps online, you will notice that only a few lamps really caught on and sold in high volume. This lamp was one of them. I love this design and the evolution of what made it. We are looking at the result of industrialization in Victorian England and its need for energy. Coupled with the inventiveness generated by the era to solve a safety issue.

3  - 
Good Looks - Only
Reviewed By:   (Durango, CO) 
Looks great but...hard to fill (funnel won't stay in place and very small). Cannot adjust wick without taking lamp apart. Cannot extinguish without a oven mitt to remove top half of lamp.

5  - 
Brass Table Top Oil Lamps
Reviewed By:   (Austin, TX) 
These are absolutely beautiful. I purchased them for my wedding and could not be happier.

4  - 
Nice Oil Lamp
Reviewed By:   (Hamdem, NY) 
The lamp works great, the only thing you have to watch out for is when you are putting it out it gets very hot to handle unscrewing the base from the lamp. that's the only thing bad about it other than that I would buy it again.

4  - 
Cute but not functional
Reviewed By:   (Las Vegas, NV) 
It would have been nice to have instructions included in the package. The lamp isnt convenient, nor even particularly safe to use, given that the oil reservoir must be separated from the top to light it or extinguish it (not good) . It is necessary to handle the lamp with an oven mitt to remove the top once its been burning for more than a few seconds (very definitely not good!) I appreciate that the instructions are now available online, but Id strongly suggest that you mention in those instructions that the lamp will leak oil if it is not kept upright. Customers should buy this lamp for its looks, not as a practical light source. That said, I bought the lamp as a gift for my 91 year old mother-in-law, who has a fondness for such things, and shes very happy with it.

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