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Brush Extractor
$ 129.95
The Brush Extractor is an ingenious, sophisticated design that is based on the most fundamental principle mechanical advantage, or leverage. Simply put, it rips brush and scrub out of the ground - roots and all. Trees, shrubs, vines or stumps up to 1.5” diameter are removed by simply positioning the open jaws at the base of the trunk, securely clamping the jaws locked with a lever and pushing down on the handle to lever the plant straight out of the ground.

Each jaw has 20 spiked teeth that bite into the trunk, while the scissoring action of the double-jointed spring-loaded jaws increases the force of the grip as the handle is pushed down – pushing harder only tightens its hold. It’s a little like a snapping turtle – it won’t let go until you make it; in this case, by simply pulling back on the locking lever to open the jaws and release.

The Brush Extractor can be used around the yard or garden to remove nuisance brush and shallow rooted trees, and is excellent for use in areas of limited space. With a maximum jaw opening of 1-1/2”, a 46” handle with non-slip rubber grips and All-Steel heavy-duty construction. It’s just the thing for tackling invasive species like buckthorn, sumac and spikenard saplings and even for taking out an over-the-hill hornbeam hedge.
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