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Bugatti Car Model
$ 219
We know our customers like to work with their hands and enjoy beautiful things. These models with hundreds of parts, are made by Italy's premier car model maker. The detail is exceptional.

You'll need a few commonly available small tools to help you complete these miniature replicas (about 8-9 long): tweezers, instant glue, a small screwdriver etc. They are almost all metal parts, with a few plastic pieces, as needed. Those plus some evening hours with your son or daughter and patience are all you need. They look splendid sitting on a desk. Quantities will be very limited.

The blue Bugatti T-35 was phenomenally successful in the prewar 20's, winning almost 2,000 races in its time. About 400 of these very refined and elegant cars were eventually built. The French driver, Rene Dreyfus, and the Englishman, William Grover-Williams, were two of the most celebrated drivers of this exceptionally successful racer.

The Ferrari Sharknose is arguably the most stunningly beautiful Ferrari Formula One car ever built. The American driver, Phil Hill, became the USA's first Formula One World Champion in 1961 driving the Sharknose, which was exceptionally reliable and had an excellent engine. The mythic German driver Wolfgang Von Trips and the Englishman, John Surtees, also drove for the Ferrari team at this time.
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