Captain’s Cabin Oil Lamp

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Captain’s Cabin Oil Lamp
The onion lamp design throws a lot of light
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86A03.15 Captain’s Cabin Oil Lamp

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This 10” high, all-brass lamp throws a lot of light from its 6 ½” wide glass chimney. Historically known as Onion Lamps because of the shape of the glass enclosure. A brass hook at the top allows it to be hung wherever convenient. Has a ½“ wide wick. We discovered this one just a few months ago. The model is not a Miner’s-style lamp or a navigational function nautical-style lamp, but one we think best designed to light up a largish space – like the Captain’s cabin.

Although relatively small, the oil reservoir holds enough lamp oil or kerosene to last 2 to 3 hours. Either of these fuels will be available in hardware stores in your neighborhood. Highly recommended.
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