CarBee-Sharp Pocket Personal Sharpeners

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Inexpensive, compact, & fast working
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This multi-surface, solid carbide, universal personal sharpening miracle is only 3-1/2" long and weighs only a few ounces, making it convenient to slip into any pocket. It's a take-anywhere tool that resharpens virtually any steel cutting tool (woodworking tools, knives, scissors, gardening implements, and more). No oil or water is ever needed. Keep one in your shop, toolbox, and garden shed. A terrific, inexpensive, and unexpected present for co-workers or friends. France.

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20 reviews 0 5 4.9
Overall Rating
  • Handy Tool

    Jim, 9/20/2015 Great tool for quick touch up sharpening of garden tools, etc.
  • Stay Sharp

    Jeff Ross, 5/25/2015 The CAR-BEE is sized conveniently enough and easy enough to use that keeping a sharp knife edge couldn't be easier. This is always appreciated in the field. Bought two. Bought two more.
  • Handiest Sharpener!

    WV1800es, 2/3/2015 They're right there, in your pocket or on a lanyard, and get that edge sharp and SAFE!
  • Easy

    David Walters, 1/23/2015 Quick and easy to keep tools sharp on the go.
  • Sharp as a Razor

    Official, 1/11/2015 I was skeptical about the CarBee-Sharpener but it really works and saves time from having to wait until I get back home to sharpen my knives and pruners. It is easy to use and results are instantaneous.
  • Handy!!!

    Arthur Cohen, 7/20/2014 Excellent handy tool. I use it in the kitchen and in my car. Follow the instructions and it does a great job.
  • A Very Handy Tool

    Carl Guzowsky, 1/21/2014 Once you learn the proper angle to use these work quite well to restore the edge on your cutting tools while using them. I keep one on my key ring.
  • Unbelievably Convenient

    Christopher Durham, 4/29/2013 WOW. This thing is amazingly effective, and the most pocket-able sharpener I have ever used. Doesn't actually seem to want to create a polished, shave-sharp edge, but certainly creates a fine live" edge, with enough "tooth" to help really zip through fibrous material or animal hide, for example."
  • The Best

    John Heinze, 2/22/2013 The very Best
  • Good sharpener

    John S., 1/22/2011 The instructions are easy to follow and the tool performs as described.This is a good tool for quickly putting a sharp edge on most tools. This will be very handy in the garden and shop for a quick edge touch-up. Note: This is best for rough stuff" such as hoes, shovels, axes, froes, etc. Stick with oil/water stones for fine cutting tools such as chisels, planes blades and your best kitchen knives. "
  • Fast and effective

    Jim, 1/2/2011 These Carbees are one of the neatest field sharpeners I've ever packed. You have to learn how to use them, but once that's done it's a breeze to keep knives sharpened on demand". "
  • Fantastic

    Pam, 12/26/2010 Who knew it was so very easy to sharpen just about anything. I sharpened my scissors in under a minute. WOW!
  • Excellent

    stgsea, 6/20/2010 Cool design, works well on axe blades, shovels, brush cutters, the big old blades that need a shape up and renewed edge.
  • Super little sharpner

    Craig, 5/18/2010 I carry it in my pocket all the time, light weight, works great for knives & garden tools.
  • Really handy sharpener

    Dwight, 4/17/2010 Really handy sharpener. Works great and is so easy to stow. Small enough to be able to alwasys have in your kit.
  • Really Handy Sharpener

    Dwight, 4/17/2010 Really handy sharpener. Works great. Small enough and inexpensive enough to have a couple around so one is always handy.

    Dave Berger, 12/9/2009 This tool arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it out. Made a dull knife even duller. So I did what I never do, i.e. read the instructions. When I used correctly, this extremely dull edge became shaving sharp (tested on my forearm) in just a few passes! I have never had a sharpener perform this well. Be sure to read instructions before you use though. It is such a simple gadget, I felt it unnecessary. My mistake. Thank you for offering this wonderful tool!
  • better than expected

    steve gordon, 6/1/2009 The blades on my loppers were getting dull and I was going to get new ones (sorry, Garrett Wade, I got the Carbee Sharp instead) but it took about 20 seconds to read the instructions (there are four corners and they're all different) and 20 more seconds to rejuvenate the loppers. Then I attacked the scissors, the shovel, the hatchet, and an esoteric tool called a Buck Buster. It takes off a lot of metal, but the tools you're using it on have a lot of metal to spare.
  • Top value

    Jim T., 4/19/2009 One of the best purchases I've made for my crew in a long time. Handy to carry, and very effective for quick, field sharpening tasks. Can't beat the Carbee in the kitchen when a little extra edge makes all the difference in food prep.
  • Excellent Little Sharpener

    Efrain Medina - Merced, 4/16/2009 I am quiet busy sharpening all my knives with this handy sharpener. This little sharpener is big in efficiency. I definitely recommend it!!!
    Thank You.
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