Cast Iron Hand Vise

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Sale Cast Iron Hand Vise
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17T01.01 Small Cast Iron Hand Vise

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17T01.10 Set 2 Iron Hand Vises

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Made in India, this may be a bit rough around the edges, but as a working tool it does just fine. With wood handle and cast iron jaws, the design is invaluable for solidly holding smaller objects in a vise that can then be moved around at will, and keeps your fingers well away from any possible harm. It can even be clamped in a permanently mounted bench vise. Every shop and toolbox should have at least one.

Made in India.

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Overall Rating
  • Great tool! Saves fingers!

    Ross, 4/3/2016 I make a lot of little wood pieces for jewelry and toys, and this is ideal for holding on to them when I'm working. In the past I just held them by hand and my fingers would take a beating. This tool has ended that, not to mention provided me with much more control. I'm kicking myself for not having had this sooner. This is a well-made, precision tool with obvious benefits for the amateur and professional alike.
  • Handy

    Larry, 8/18/2015 Very handy little unit... Used it immediately...! Should have had it long time ago!!
  • Hand Held Vise

    Susan, 3/30/2013 This device is handy to use for working with wire, tubing or other metal pieces when making jewelry. Once the material is secured tightly in the vise it can be hammered , soldered or otherwise manipulated into shape.
  • Canable

    Carl, 2/14/2013 Haven`t used it yet. Feel good about it`s construction and apparent versatility
  • Parallel Proves Perfect

    Reuel Kenyon, 1/3/2013 The notched parallel jaws on this handy little hand vise hold cylinders and parallel surface work pieces firmly without massive torque. Save your knuckles and step away from the vise grips.
  • Useful tool

    Joe, 2/8/2012 This is one of the more useful tools I've come across in recent years. Simple, easy to use, and has hundreds of applications. Keeps my hand from cramping when I'm working with narrow or hard-to-grip items. It's also great to have a vise that can go anywhere.
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