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Chainsaw Sharpeners
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Chainsaw Sharpeners

It quickly pays for itself
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45T01.01 Standard Chain Sharpener
In Stock $69.70  
45T01.02 Quick Feed Chain Sharpener
In Stock $97.30  
45T01.03 4.5 mm Replacement Wheel (either unit)
In Stock $13.50  
45T01.04 3.2 mm Optional Thinner Wheel (either unit)
In Stock $13.50  
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If you use a chainsaw at home, or on the farm or ranch, you know how important it is for speed and safety to be using a chain with sharp cutters. Yet cutters can be dulled quickly, even through plain heavy use.

Until now, you've had three choices: replace the chain (expensive); resharpen it yourself by hand (very slow, and difficult to do accurately); or take it to your local chainsaw shop and get back a chain that may or may not be well sharpened.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4 
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5  - 
Great Product
Reviewed By:   (Grand Blanc, MI) 
Have not used the wheel yet had to order as the wheel that comes with the grinder would not fit between the raker and the tooth on a 16" Husqvarna brand chain. Did a visual check of the clearance, appears to now clear the raker.

5  - 
Works Well/Great Value
Reviewed By:   (Grand Blanc, Michigan) 
I purchased the quick-feed version and ordered the smaller grinding; the larger thickness wheel is too large to fit between the rakers and the cutting teeth on the Husqvarna chains. I have sharpened 4 chains and am quite satisfied with the results, it takes a little time to set the adjustments, I wasn’t sure how far I should set the depth. After sharpening the first chain which I did very lightly the results were good, but only for a few logs, took the chain back off and compared it to a new chain, my problem was not going deep enough and sharpening the “gullet” portion of the chain. Sharpened it a second time using a little more depth, reinstalled the chain and it worked better than a new chain. I mounted my unit on a piece of 2x6 board and clamp it to my work bench for use. The only issue I have seen is that the "pusher" can get hung up on the metal channel that guides the chain under the cutting wheel. The video and additional instruction sheet was helpful compared to the sheet you receive with the machine. There were no instructions on how to "dress" the grinding wheel with the included stone. Take your time with setup and visually check the depth on each tooth to make sure the grinding wheel grinds into the gullet portion of the chain. I ordered the machine and wheel separately after I found out the bigger wheel didn’t fit between the teeth on one brand of chain. I felt the shipping costs were a little pricey although they provide a pre-paid return label.

4  - 
Works Well
Reviewed By:   (De Beque, Colorado) 
I purchased the quick-feed version and smaller grinding wheels as I am using 3/8 pitch (.325) chains on my Jonsered and Craftsman homeowner saws. So far I have sharpened 3 chains and am quite satisfied with the results. I am cleaning up a 7 acre parcel in central Colorado that has a lot of dead aspen and some pine on it. Because much of the wood is on the ground I occasionally hit dirt which dulls the chain rapidly. Per video, I mounted my unit on a piece of 2x6 board and clamp it to my work bench for use. The only issue I have seen is that the "pusher" can get hung up on the metal channel that guides the chain under the cutting wheel. I took a small 3-corner file and slightly tapered the leading edge of this channel so the pusher slides into position without a hitch. This device does not address the raker (depth guage) teeth on the chain. To do a complete job you still need to occasionally file the rakers down with a guide and flat file. Do not forget to do this or your chain will not cut correctly after you sharpen it. After watching the video I had no problems assembling or using the sharpener. I look forward to using it many times over the next few years as I clean up my lot.

5  - 
Seems To Work Great
Reviewed By:   (Denver, Colorado) 
The sharpener works well. I have an 18" chainsaw, and 3 blades. I can sharpen one of the blades much faster than I can go to the big box store and get a new one, which is the real value for me. My fiance and I take turns cutting and sharpening, so we can work pretty much non-stop. She likes it as much as I do.

5  - 
Good Design
Reviewed By:   (Mechanicville, NY) 
1. Followed videos provided on web site to set-up and sharpen first chain (028 stihl). Had no difficulty and chain was sharpened within 10 minutes. The teeth are razor sharp (be careful). 2. The Italians have a way of keeping life simple. The sharpener is compact, light and seems to have been manufactured with care. 3. The over all cost was less than any other sharpener researched on line with confidence to buy unseen. The video helped sell the deal. Good job. 4. I purchased the quick chain pull which is very useful on first attempt. Some manipulation is required if all links are not in sequence such as a missing link from chain shortening. 5. I also purchased extra wheels to have for stock because now I can help my friends if they need their chain sharpened. Should be great for small chains too.

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